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As a home owner or duty holder of a non-domestic premises and you suspect or should be aware that the building may contain asbestos, you are legally required to arrange an asbestos survey so that any area identified as containing asbestos particles can be recorded in the asbestos register (commercial properties) and precautions, encapsulation or removal can be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your purchaser will have a property survey which may identify asbestos. If that is found, it would be beneficial for an asbestos survey to identify the type and quantity of asbestos to inform potential buyers and make them aware of potential cost implications.
The main construction periods for use of asbestos was 1930 through to 1970. After 1990 there is very low chance of asbestos being present in a building.
Artex, thermos plastic floor tiles, lagging to pipes, barge board, asbestos/cement roof slates, lagging to boilers etc
For all commercial and residential properties, an asbestos management document should be held by the responsible person. The asbestos survey would form the main part of this document where it would identify the location and volume of asbestos in the applicable areas.
If you suspect or are aware of asbestos in your property, you have a duty of care to notify any persons working on your property that there may be asbestos in a certain area. An asbestos report can identify within reason where asbestos is likely or can be found.